Hi, I am Shruti. Mother to a 4 year old sonny boy, proud wife to a naval officer, food enthusiast, passionate baker, my balcony greenskeeper, fitness maniac and a newbie art lover.

My love for cooking began after i got married. My husband who is a gastronomer to the core always inspired me to try out new recipes and replicate his restaurant favorites at home. Whipping up soul soothing dishes for my family and close friends gives me immense pleasure. I love to run. Running keeps my sanity and makes me happy because only then I can have a guilt free devouring of the sweet somethings baked by me 😉

I find my zen in taking care of my plants and creating new things.

I hope you have a good time reading and enjoying my posts. It will be my constant endeavour to bring new experiences in each blog. Thank you for stopping by. Please do share your feedback as it will help me grow !